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Lets talk about Telfar TV

During NYFW, Telfar Clemens, creator of Telfar revealed his latest creation. He introduced the new Telfar duffle bag, with the iconic logo now on the sides instead of the front. The bag will come in Telfar’s signature sizes mini, medium, and large.

Telfar also introduced a new concept for their brand called Telfar TV , which is a 24-hour public network where anyone can send in videos. If a user’s video gets chosen they will receive a Telfar bag. Telfar TV will feature a “Drip”, which is how Telfar will be releasing their products. The channel will flash a QR code at a random time, so viewers are able to scan the code and buy a bag without fear of bots buying up the inventory.

This unique and innovative way of selling will hopefully provide Telfar fans with a better shopping experience and a bit more reassurance. This idea is a great solution to the problem of resalers and bulk buyers. This could change how other brands do their releases and become the new norm.