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Layer Like a Pro

It’s hard to know what to put on when the weather is constantly fluctuating this time of year. Layering is understandably the best choice, but it can be difficult to pick and choose what pieces go with which. Look no further, here are some quick and easy steps to get you fashionably bundled up and on your way.

Tip 1: Start with Neutrals

Although we all love a good statement piece, in order to layer correctly, it’s important to stick to your basics that will match with everything. Neutral colors underneath everything set a good foundation for a clean outfit. As you can see in the image below, a lot of colors and patterns have been mixed to create the featured look. However, underneath the green top you can see a crisp white shirt that not only makes the outfit better for colder climates, but also pulls the whole look together.

Renee Huffman, Stylist

Step 2: Keep Things Snug, Not Tight

One might think all clothing layers should be tight and closer to the body when adding to an outfit, but in reality this makes for a rather uncomfortable and stifling outfit. On the other hand, wearing too many flowing layers can look a little too similar to a window curtain. The correct answer is somewhere in the middle. Wearing snug pieces that line up with the body, yet are still easily removable, make for the best layered outfit. The image below does a perfect job demonstrating this idea. Although it’s not likely you will wear outfits like the ones below on the daily, take a look at the fit and format of the clothing worn. The pieces fit the bodies of the women wearing them in a flattering way without being too tight.

Karen DeMaio Weber, Stylist

Step 3: Stay in a Color Scheme

Just because you are layering doesn’t mean your outfit have to be boring. A huge plus to layering is the ability to add pieces that you may not get to wear all the time. Take this patterned coat in the image below. The warm color tones in the coat work accordingly with the pants, making the outfit look put-together. Keeping similar colors together will help when adding in a pattern or a bold color to the outfit.

Ruby Masterson, Model, Stylist

Step 4: Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize and Try New Trends

It might sound cliche, but fashion truly is all about expressing your inner style and what works with you/your figure. A trend that would have seemed crazy years ago, but actually has provided loads of comfort to a rather uncomfortable item would be socks with heels. As you can see in the image below, the white frilly socks are added to the heels the women are wearing. Heels can be rather uncomfortable, and also chilly when walking outside, so adding a sock to a pair of heels can make a world of a difference. As long as you are comfortable and enjoy what you are wearing, you can truly add any sort of layer to your outfit.