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Is the Camera Industry Dying via iPhone?

The mini touch screen computer in our pocket is replacing phonebooks, dictionaries, and now, your professional camera.

Stakes are high in competition. The Nikon d700, a high-end level camera, competes with the latest versions of the iPhone. The iPhone 8 & iPhone X not only comprise of the same 12 mega-pixel wide angle but additionally offer optical zoom, a 10X digital zoom, AND optical image stabilization. It’s safe to say that the value matches the price.

From taking the perfect headshot under portrait mode, to capturing a scenic landscape using the panorama feature, opportunities are seriously endless and results are top notch. The constant on-person accessibility allows any individual to shoot professional pics anytime, any place. iPhone 8 users run virtual campaigns, snap photos with their bestie, and document daily life in high definition. So before you take on your photographer phase and splurge in one place, consider your options. Who doesn’t love an upgrade loaded with exciting features?

Will our beloved camera brands make a comeback? Or does the existence of our high def phone lens ensure that demise is already underway?