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Instagram Story Hacks to Increase Engagement

Instagram is notorious for constantly switching up the app’s algorithms, resulting in unsteady engagement for our accounts. It is common for us to see hundreds of views on our Instagram stories one day, and then see it drop drastically the next. Trying to figure out ways to avoid this can be difficult, so try these few tricks to increase traffic to your page!

Engaging with your followers

-Engaging with followers on your account via Instagram stories is a great way to interact and further increase engagement. By including content such as swipe up links, polls, or even just videos, your followers will be actively participating with your page.

Consistency of story posting

-A big way to ensure your Instagram story posts appear at the beginning of your followers’ feed is to post as often as you can. The recommended amount for those who are trying to drive as much traffic as possible to their accounts is to post at least 10 stories a day. This will help you keep up with the consistency of your story posts, while also giving your followers content they are able to view every day.

Hashtags hashtags hashtags!

-Hashtags are the key for your public Instagram accounts to draw in more traffic and attract more followers. You can either hashtag visibly each time you post Instagram stories, or hashtag multiple things on your posts that will most likely bring in more followers.

-If you are looking to place a bunch of hashtags on one story post, you can actually hide these behind your picture/video! Simply upload any photo (doesn’t need to be what you are planning on posting) and then create the hashtags of your choice. Once your hashtags are all finished, go to your camera roll and copy your photo/video that you want on your Instagram story. Reopen the Instagram app as you were editing, and your copied image/video will pop up to be added as a sticker. Place your image/video over the hashtags and voilĂ !

Step 1: Upload any picture/background and create your hashtags!
Step 2: Copy your story content from your camera roll and reopen the Instagram app to your story – click add sticker!
Step 3: Add your content, place over the hashtags, and share to your story!