Instagram Reels vs. TikTok

With Instagram Reels being such a similar feature to TikToks video app, here are a few similarities and differences that are useful for creators on both platforms:

2. Time Limit

In early 2020 TikTok has extended the maximum length of its 15 second videos to 60 seconds. You would think that Instagram Reels has done the same but they have not. Videos on Reels are limited to 15 seconds. Some creators might find it inconvenient that they won’t be able to post an additional 45 seconds of content while some might be accustomed to 15 seconds. 

2. Choice of Music

The choice of music and audio is what will set both of these platforms apart. Facebook has not released any statements yet but the tech giant has confirmed that it will be launching licensed music soon. It is still unknown whether the collection of audio and music will be as good as TikToks but only the future can tell.

3. Explore Page

Both Instagram Reels and TikTok offer an explore page which on TikTok is called the For You Page. The experience is essentially TikTok inside of instagram, you watch a video, double tap to like it, tap an icon to comment, and you keep swiping up to move on to the next video. Both Explore pages allow anyone to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences in order to grow their platform.

4. Video Editing

TikTok makes it very easy for creators to edit videos and for their content to go viral. When editing on TikTok you are able to select a certain amount of videos, upload them into the app and hit a button. TikTok will automatically select highlights from the videos and edit them in a way to match the beat of whichever audio you choose. This feature is called sound sync. Reels does not have this feature, making it a bit more time consuming for creators to edit their videos. In Reels, you have to manually select where a music track starts to ensure it’s in sync with a clip.

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