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If You Love Curtain Bangs, Here are Five Different Styles of Bangs to Try

It’s not hard to see why curtain bangs have taken over as the most sought-after hairstyle trend in recent times. These soft bangs frame the face and add dimension in a versatile way. As the curtain bangs trend continues to stick around, why not try some other types of bangs while you’re freshening up your look. Get ready to step aside, curtain bangs!

Blunt Bangs

Image: hair by Arturo Draper

The original we all know and love — blunt bangs. Before you even knew what curtain bangs were, these bangs held the top spot for a cut that will help frame the hair around the face. These bangs are styled across the forehead, looking clean-cut and simple. If you’re looking for inspiration to show your stylist, definitely look up some OG pictures of Taylor Swift.

Birkin Bangs

Image: hair by Autumn Suna Rich

Ever heard of Jane Birkin? Well if you have, you probably know all about the hold she had on fashion trends ever since the ’60s. This actress, model, and singer-songwriter coined the iconic Birkin bang hair style, known for lots and lots of fringe. As shown, Birkin bangs hit a bit lower than blunt bangs, reaching just above the lash line. Although these bangs require a bit more upkeep and maintenance, the overall look is absolutely effortlessly chic.

Wispy Bangs

Image: hair by Fairuze Reis

Bangs can be a commitment, so this option is perfect for those who want to start slow. Wispy bangs are more simple, like blunt bangs, but still have that Birkin-bang flare. These bangs bring such soft dimension to the face that you barely know they are there. Yet, wispy bangs still achieve a flattering and trendy charm to any hair look.

Curly Bangs

Image: hair by Evie Ry

Of course you can’t forget about curly-haired girls who want to hop on the bangs bandwagon. Curly bangs shows off even more of your textured hair for a youthful and fun-loving appearance. If you’re worried about frizz or shrinkage, just make sure to have the bangs cut a little longer so the hair can easily grow out.

Micro Bangs

Image: hair by Toni Burns

This last style of bangs if for the ultimate daredevil and style icon. If baby bangs just aren’t unique enough for you, then these trimmed bangs, cut up high around the middle of the forehead, should do the trick. Just keep in mind that these bangs might take longer than usual to grow out, so make sure you love them!