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Huda Beauty Launches New Skincare Product

Huda Beauty’s skincare line, “Wishful,” recently launched a new product – and people won’t stop talking about it. It is the “Get Even Rose Oil” facial oil. It retails at $63.00, and can be purchased through any beauty retail store or directly through Huda’s website

Although this facial oil is on the pricey side, it contains many beneficial extracts, such as damascus rose oil, carrot seed oil, rosehip oil, baobab seed oil, and 11 others! While similar facial oils suggest applying them on your skin in the morning and night before your moisturizer, the “Get Even Rose Oil” is meant to be put on after your moisturizer. 

The “Get Even Rose Oil” is supposed to help lock in the moisture on your face, as it is intended to be the final step in your skincare routine. It is also helpful in evening out your skin tone and promoting smoother, nourished skin. Will you be trying Wishful Skincare’s new product?