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How to make meaningful connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn connections are the easiest way to measure someones network, because it quite literally is your network on a website. Therefore, it is important to make sure that this is a network that can support and help you grow as a professional. Creating LinkedIn connections are important, but creating meaningful connections is where you get the most out of LinkedIn. 

The best way to decipher a meaningful connections versus just a connection is by these three measures:

  1. Do they work in a career/position or a firm that you would like to? 
  2. Do they have a similar path to you? (ex. schooling, clubs, organizations, interests) 
  3. Do you feel that if you had a conversation with this person you would be able to gain some new insight into your position, career, etc.?

These three measures will make sure that your LinkedIn ensures quality connections over a large network. This will help you grow professionally and make the most out of LinkedIn.