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How To Eat Like An Adult On Set of A Photoshoot

Ironically, the key to eating like an adult on set is to take a few tips from your elementary school meal prep days. Packing your own meals and snacks is essential to eating well on a photoshoot set, when typically, all they’re serving is junk food.

When planning out your meals and snacks, be sure to bring a balanced variety of food groups to keep your energy and stamina up throughout the day. This means you should include a healthy fat or protein source to keep you full, a carb for quick energy, and fruits or veggies to snack on as a healthy alternative to what is provided on set.

Avoid stressing the morning of your next shoot by meal prepping the night before. Keeping your kitchen stocked with good Tupperware and healthy choices will make this process a breeze. Additionally, following meal prep blogs such as, The Girl on the Bloor, will inspire you to eat out of the box even when on the go.

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