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How to Build Your Makeup Portfolio Using Casting Coin

Casting Coin makes it such an easy space for all of our talent to use our website as their online portfolios. You can add banner photos, different gallery sections, social media links, and even TikTok!

If you are a makeup artist and looking to build your portfolio on Casting Coin, keep reading to find the best tips and tricks!

1.High-Quality Photos

By uploading high quality photos of your makeup looks and creations, other brands and companies will have a good idea of the talent you possess. It is especially important your profile and banner photo are great examples of work since this is the first impression when your profile is shared!

2. Your Gallery

Your gallery should consist of at least 10 of your best makeup looks. You should make sure your most recent ones are up to date so that when brands browse your page, they will have a good idea of your skill set!

3. Bio & Stats

Your bio should include details on brands and clients you have worked with. It should also include any awards, recognitions, or certificates you have received since becoming a makeup artist. The more you add, the better, so make sure to boost yourself up!

4. Be Yourself!

Make sure that your personality shines through within your portfolio. Use a variety of images, write captions in your tone, and have fun with it! This will grab brands’ attention and increase your chances of being booked!

We hope these tips give you a little insight into how your portfolio can be AMAZING! Head over to our website to see other artists’ examples 🙂