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How to Brand Yourself on Twitter; The Basics

Twitter is an important and often underutilized platform, although it’s one of the most popular social media networks with 145 million daily users. The first step of branding yourself on Twitter is choosing a handle (username). Twitter handles should be on the shorter side, recognizable, and kept consistent across all social media channels. The handle should be memorable for brand awareness, but brief because users are more likely to tag shorter handles.

The next step to building your profile is choosing your profile picture and header. Your profile picture should be simple and high-resolution; a logo if you’re branding a business or a headshot if you’re branding yourself. The space at the top of your Twitter profile is called the header, or banner. The header is a great way to promote brand awareness, values, statements, or personality.

The last, and most personal, step of building your Twitter profile is your bio. Your bio should showcase who you are, either as a brand or person. And you only get 160 characters – keep it short, simple, and accurate. A key part of branding yourself on Twitter is making sure your audience knows about your business; add your location, website, and (for personal branding) tag brands you’re affiliated with. But don’t be afraid to be creative, Twitter users resonate with profiles that show personality! Be mindful of your target audience and tailor your bio to catch their attention.

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