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How to Beat The New Instagram Algorithm

The new Instagram algorithm makes it more challenging than ever to gain significant exposure on the app, but luckily there is a formula for beating it. Instead of placing posts on your feed in chronological order, the new algorithm places posts in order by engagement rate. It takes into account the total number of saves, shares, comments, and likes, but comments, saves, and shares are the most important aspects to the formula. 

How to crack the code:

Saves: When people save your posts it signals to the new algorithm that you have quality content that people want to come back and see again. Quality content keeps users on the app, meaning that it also increases the number of ads they see. The more ads that are viewed leads to more monetary advances for Instagram. This is why the new algorithm rewards content creators who cultivate more saves by promoting their posts at the top of their followers feeds.

Shares: When your posts foster a multitude of sends it signals to the new algorithm that you are posting interesting content. The more times your posts are shared, the more the new algorithm will favor them in the order they are shown on your followers feeds. In order for a post to gain more shares, try posting content that will trigger an emotion. This is effective because if the emotion is strong enough, they will then feel inclined to share that feeling with their friends.

Comments: Comments are important, but the content in the comments is more important. Comment depth signals to the new algorithm that people have opinions about your content. If your content is sparking conversation, it is also keeping people on the app longer which means they are being exposed to more ads. This results in the algorithm placing your posts higher on your followers feeds.

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