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How to Abandon Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is the world’s second largest pollutant on the planet. Not only is the planet suffering–which can be seen in climate change–but so are thousands of clothing workers globally. With increasing awareness around how detrimental the fashion industry can be to the environment and how poor some companies ethical standards are, more companies are moving toward more sustainable production and overall operations– but that’s them.

What about you? How can you move toward a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising style or the trends you want to take part in? 

Here are 3 ways to ditch fast fashion:

Image Courtesy of Stylist Justin Henry, Bronx, NY.

1. Closet Clean Out

The first step in flipping your closet into one that is sustainable is to figure out what exactly you have in it! While this may sound counter productive you need to audit yourself every once in a while to know what you have, what you need, and what you can go without. And of course, everything that you don’t need be sure to donate or sell to a secondhand store to keep fashion cyclical.

2. Take the 30 Wear Pledge

Popularized by Emma Watson and Livia Firth the 30 wear pledge is simply a pledge that requires you to ask yourself, will i wear this item at least 30 times after i purchase it? If the answer is no, leave it in the store! If the answer is yes, go ahead and purchase it! 

3. Buy Less, Buy Better, Buy Second Hand First!

Instead of indulging in the cheap garments that are fast fashion, consider swapping those four tops for 6.99 each for one top that’s $28 but far better quality and maybe even sustainably and ethically sourced. Additionally, buy second hand! Thrift stores and charity shops are repositories of the past, present, and future. Just because you’re trying to move toward sustainability does not mean you have to compromise. 

While demolishing the fast fashion industry may not happen overnight, each of us, everyday can make decisions that will positively affect our planet and those working in atrocious and unethical environments.