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How This Simple Hair Tool is Changing the Game of Hairstyling

Hair rollers have made their comeback and are changing the game of trendy hairstyles. The simplicity behind these rollers have caught the attention of many, as they give a blowout look while taking only a few minutes to create!

Hair rollers can be used to achieve a similar look that blowouts give to hair. They are an ideal hair tool for anyone with front layers, especially curtain bangs. Not only do these rollers add volume to hair, but they help to frame any face shape as well. 

Tips to maximize volume from rollers:

-Start with damp hair

-Begin rolling inwards the hair roller from the ends of hair, to your scalp

-Clip in rollers and leave in for at least 8 hours

Heat rollers

-Heat rollers will speed up this process: for heat rollers, make sure your hair has been washed and dried fully

-Once the rollers are heated up, start from the ends of your hair and roll inwards towards your roots

-Leave in for about 30ish minutes!

Using rollers for curtain bangs or front layers

-For curtain bangs and front layers, hair rollers can be used to help frame the face, or to show the face

-For achieving a framed face look, use the rollers as you typically would – by starting from the ends of your hair rolling inwards towards your face

-For achieving a more blown out look, use the rollers from the ends of your hair rolling up and outwards from your face. This will make your hair appear blown away from the face, adding extra volume!