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How Talent Can Use TikTok and Instagram Together To Get Noticed/Hired

TikTok and Instagram are perfect platforms to try to get noticed and hired. Both have over 1 billion users, many of them are major global brands. Instagram launched reels recently which is a dead knockoff of TikTok… fine by us we get to kill two birds with one stone and double the amount of exposure we get with one video.

Spending some time to build your following can go a long way. In fact, some of Casting Coins very own have thousands of TikTok followers🤑

Casting Coin model Yuri below has almost 2 million likes largely from providing tips on modeling that people love

Here are a few tips

Be consistent
If you post a lot the chances of you getting noticed are way higher.

Use hashtags
Hashtags help your post be seen more. You can also search hashtags on Instagram and TikTok, so your posts would come up. Make sure you use trending hashtags and not ones that most likely won’t be searched.

Try to have your own vibe
Everyone has their own unique vibe so why not flaunt it on social media! Don’t try to be like someone else, be yourself.

Be creative
There are so many posts that have been copied or remade. If you post something that has never been done it’ll grab more attention from users.

Focus on a subject (beauty, lifestyle, fashion, photography, etc.)
If your accounts are all over the place, you might not appeal to users and brands. If you stick to one subject it’ll bring in fans of that topic.

Be informational
Throwing in a few informational posts are always a plus! People love learning new things about the topics they like.


banner photo taken by : Samantha Spence