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How Sustainability can Benefit your Brand

Sustainability. Sustainability. Sustainability. The word you hear constantly and may have become numb to but, also one full of great importance and benefits. Why should your brand whether it be personal or business related aim to be more sustainable? We have some answers that may convince you.

Sustainability is defined as the capacity of Earth’s ecosphere and humanity to exist, more concisely this means the capacity to endure, and with any brand this is the primary goal. A sustainable business is one that not only generates profit but positively affects society and the environment in the process. This means not only what you do but how you do it. 

So how can being sustainable benefit my brand?

1. Improve Brand Value and Reputation

Sustainability is more important now more than ever, Integrating sustainability into your brand will not only allow you to improve how consumers view your brand, but also position yourself as one that’s committed to making a difference in the world. Increased awareness and commitment to making a positive change in today’s environment signals to the consumer just that, which in turn generates demand for your product! This also reduces risk, and makes consumers more likely to come back! For example, if you’re an influencer, this can be done in the form of only promoting/ partnering with sustainable brands and/or products. Whereas for a business this may look like sourcing materials from a more sustainable origin or cutting down on waste!

2. Provide a Platform for Innovation

Hopping on the sustainable train puts you ahead of the curve in terms of innovation. Forcing your brand to develop new technologies and procedures with the health of the environment in mind puts you miles ahead of your competition that isn’t! For reference think about this hypothetical example: in 2001 if automobile manufacturers such as Ford and Chevrolet started to embrace emissions and fuel consumption standards when they were first proposed, they would be miles ahead (no pun intended) of their competition! Thus, in the creative realm of business, putting in the work to be sustainable now will help your brand to advance considerably in the future.

3. Help Attract and Retain Opportunities

Becoming a more sustainable brand shows people that despite the money you may lose due to the switch to more sustainable processes, goods, and practices, that your brand is more devoted to the betterment of the world rather than profit. Not only will this attract consumers, it will help you retain them, because people want to be a part of efforts to help save the planet! 

Creativity makes the world a better place, but let’s not forget its effects on the environment! Making the effort to become more sustainable will allow us to positively impact society and the environment while simultaneously creating beauty and art!