Makeup Artists

How Makeup Artists Would Benefit From Using TikTok

Makeup artists thrive on TikTok!💄

You would think Youtube is the main spot for makeup tutorials but, TikTok is the place to be right now. Some people get bored watching a whole tutorial but a 60 second quick video is the way to go! You can show your products and how you create the look all in under a minute.
One of Casting Coins makeup artists Jannica Sherry has 370.6k followers on TikTok. She posts awesome looks that she creates. There are always new makeup trends and products all over TikTok so it’s very easy to have your video get noticed.
Artists also make makeup TikToks by just showing off their look, it’s not always a tutorial. Both are very beneficial for makeup artists because it’ll gain exposure from the makeup lovers on TikTok.

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COVER PHOTO: Makeup artist Jannica Sherry