Instagram Reels

How Instagram Reels Is Changing The Fashion Industry

Ever since Instagram created their newest feature reels, it has transformed marketing and the content creating aspect of the fashion industry. Influencers have been given the chance to easily connect with networks alike.

Many fashion bloggers and Influencers have used this feature to show their unique style, behind the scenes, photoshoot hacks, favorite brands, day in the life and more. Just like Tiktok, Reels has become an outlet for both business and self promotion, being able to reach many new and younger audiences. It is important for brands and bloggers to put out content on a platform like this one since the average Instagram user consists of ages ranging from 25-35 years.

Reels even allows small and upcoming brands to potentially have a chance to make a name for themselves. With content blowing up so easily on these platforms, anyone has a chance to gain exposure easily.

Model/Influencers like Suede Brooks mention brands like I Am Gia with their followers which improves brand awareness and increases traffic as well as driving your brand’s message to the right target audience.

These short 15 second videos are changing the industry and giving everyone a chance to show their work and creativity as well as making anyone’s dreams come true in the fashion world.

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