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How Brands Are Using YouTube to Hire Talent

YouTube is not a new platform for artists and talent to be using. However, more and more brands are using YouTube to book new hires. YouTube is a place where your true personality and talent can shine through. There is no time limit on your videos and you are free to have as much creative direction as you’d like. Millions of people watch YouTube videos every day, so the opportunities for your channel are endless. Let’s dive a little bit further into exactly how brands are utilizing YouTube for new hires and what they’re looking for.

1. YouTube Hiring Campaigns

Hiring campaigns via YouTube are becoming more and more popular amongst top brands and companies. A video is much more engaging than reading text, so explaining your company’s goals through a video will help give your potential candidates a better idea of what they’re signing up for. These videos could include employee testimonials and company culture. It is important for talent to stay up-to-date with these hiring campaigns and make sure it is company you would enjoy working at!

2. YouTube = Portfolio

For makeup artists and hair stylists, YouTube is an amazing platform for you to showcase your skills, talents, and what makes you unique as an artist. Many brands use YouTube to get an idea of what your vibe is and how you choose to style your looks. The more you do to make yourself stand out, the better!

3. Current Project Videos

Big companies are choosing to highlight the projects they are currently working on and how these projects are effecting the company. This is another way for candidates to get an idea of what they may be working on if they were to apply to the job. Make sure to pay attention to the projects and imagine yourself in the company.

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