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Colored Hair: Is it Professional?

Recently, I cut my long hair up to my shoulders. I got bored and an impulse came over me to finally pull the trigger and cut my own hair. This is the shortest my hair has been in a very long time and for the first time I don’t hate how I look with short hair. I think what really helped was that I was in control of the scissors and I honestly did not care if it looked good or bad. I feel different and it’s interesting how things like hair, nails, makeup, clothes, can make someone feel more confident and more secure in who they are as a person.

Hair, specifically, can have a lot of meaning for people so changing it up can be scary. Some people are very attached to their hair. It’s their identity, a piece of them. Others see hair as something that is a decoration. They change it up all the time, experimentation is their best friend. Others are not affected by the way their hair looks. Regardless of how people feel towards their hair in terms of meaning, it should always make them happy.

It’s interesting thinking about how our perception of people can change simply because of the way their hair looks. In the corporate setting, colored hair and alternative styles are seen as unprofessional (similar with tattoos). Why are we associating unprofessionalism with hairstyles? In 2022, you would think there would be more openness toward different hair color and styles, but in actuality there isn’t much change on this front. There isn’t much information about why that’s the case.

I think that it was just another way to control the masses. By restricting the way people can appear, you can simultaneously restrict their self-expression and creative thinking. Dying ones hair, changing hairstyles, fashion, and makeup are all ways that people can express themselves and are linked to creativity. Limited creativity helped keep workers in their place, assuring the orders of things. Fortunately, people are starting to care less and less about what others think of them. They are beginning to value their own happiness and self-expression above looking a certain way to appease others.

If more and more people continue experimenting in different ways, like dying their hair, rules like “professional hair color” will change. Hair color doesn’t dictate your abilities to preform your job or your level of intelligence or the way you treat others. You shouldn’t miss out on opportunities in life because of the way you look. More and more companies are starting to change policies and I think the only way things will ever truly change is through a collective effort over a long time. New management and new understandings of people will be beneficial for furthering development of true acceptance of one’s self. Imagine how much more people could get done. Imagine how the quality of work could improve by simple changes like this being allowed. Allowing people to express themselves is the way to success. It promotes greater happiness and happy employees, meaning a better working environment.

So what do you think of colored hair in the work place? Should it be allowed? What color would you dye your hair? Let us know on our social medias.