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Hacks to better Thrifting

Thrifting has become increasingly popular throughout the years and is a great way to incorporate sustainable fashion into your wardrobe. It can be intimidating or difficult when you are new to the scene, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you go second-hand shopping.

1. Get inspiration before you go

It is important to have ideas of what you’re looking for before going in. From the color scheme, item type, to certain trends, it will be easier to search if you already have an idea in mind. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to find inspiration before your trip.

2. Check out every aisle

You can find a gem in every section of the store, so it’s important to not limit yourself to only certain sections. Explore everything including accessories, sleepwear, and shoes because you never know what you will find. It’s important to keep an open mind while thrifting and try something you don’t usually go for.

3. Look out for sales/promotions

Most stores will include promotions for certain days, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday, where they will give an additional percentage off. This is usually when new merchandise is put out. Stores like Goodwill also have a color of the week where items with that color tag are marked down. Try to go out on these days so you can have the highest chance of finding something and maximize your savings.

4. Wear layers

If you’re low on time or are in a store that does not offer fitting rooms, I would recommend wearing layers like a hoodie with a tank top. This allows you to try on things quickly and more efficiently.

5. Take your time and have fun

Thrifting is the most fun when you take your time and enjoy the moment. You can go through the store a second time and catch something you missed the first time around. You can also go with friends and pick out outfits for each other.