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Green with Envy this Spring

If you have stepped into any store these past couple weeks, it’s not hard to find a strikingly-green colored clothing item, bag, shoe or accessory. As colors come and go each season, it’s abundantly clear that green is about to be the next big hit. From softer, natural shades of green to deeper green hues, everyone is going to be green with envy for the plethora of trendy green pieces this spring.

Green is not typically a go-to color for many. Although adding pops of color into wardrobes is nothing new, it’s more common to find shades of blue, purple or red in someone’s closet than green. Yet, green can actually be a color that can work with anyone’s skin tone. Olive green can brighten fair-skin and bring out the warmth in tanner skin. Sage green is a relaxing, soft pastel shade that can easily be a replacement for baby blue. Most striking of them all is the bolder, jewel-toned emerald green that has stolen the spotlight this spring. It’s hard to miss the emerald-green pants, sweaters, blazers, shoulder bags, heels, etc. in every store window or new 2022 spring collection.

Green come in a variety of shades that can match different skin tones, highlight certain features or intensify outfit looks. Yet, the color green also comes with a deeper meaning that makes it even more fitting as the color for this spring. Green is appealing to many as the world is opening up and people are starting find hopefulness beyond this tumultuous era. Typically known to represent either money or nature, the color actually signifies so much more than that. Green is used to represent renewal, rebirth and freedom. It connects us back to nature and gives off a freeing, powerful energy, exactly what we all need right now.

Green clothing and accessories are certainly on trend for spring, but the color has the ability to represent so much for than that. Feel empowered and free this spring, and maybe even a little green with envy for the array of wearable green gear.