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Get To Know Photographer Hannah Osofsky

We asked our photographer Hannah Osofsky a few questions regarding her photography career:

1.What’s your #1 best way to get jobs?

Referrals! They’re the best. You don’t pay for advertising, and it’s usually coming from a client that I also had a good experience with. 

2. What editing programs do you use?

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

3. What do you do if a client isn’t paying up?

 I’ve only had one issue with a client not paying up, and it was recent. They owed me nearly $2k. I withheld the photos until I got paid, which worked because they didn’t end up paying the rest of the team. Usually, clients pay, but from this experience, I learned to do more research into the client before accepting the gig, as well as asking for deposits beforehand. 

4. Have you ever had your assistant not show? What did you do?

I have never had an assistant not show. If they can’t make it, I would hope they would try and help find a replacement. If they were to ghost, I would first determine how essential an assistant is to that specific project, and the necessary changes I’d need to make to finish up on my own. I feel I’ve had this good luck because I always choose assistants who have both earned my trust and proven their dedication to photography. 

5. What do you look for in a good assistant?

 When searching for assistants I look for eagerness to learn, reliability, and experience. The first two are huge, as experience can vary.