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Get To Know Photographer Anais Stupka

We asked our photographer Anais Stupka a few questions regarding her photography career📸📝

What editing program do you use?

If I photograph with my Digital Camera I use Lightroom and VSCO, however if I am photographing with film I don’t usually edit my photographs seeing as I love the effects of film!

What’s your #1 best way to get jobs?

For me personally it is simply being active on Social Media, whether that be by posting, interacting with my followers or even finding opportunities via Social Media is the constant thing that has helped my photography career. 

What do you do if a client isn’t paying up?

Early on when I did more independent photography this would happen quite often, so in result I would not share the photos up until I got my payment. However now I make sure I have a contract before working to make sure everyones on the same page and then we can begin creating beautiful art together without worries of finance !

Have you ever had your assistant not show? What did you do?

Oftentimes when an assistant doesn’t show up, as long as I find myself accepting the situation there is not much harm caused in the situation. I have had a background experimenting with everything in the photography world so sometimes being the photographer as well as taking the role of the assistant can be quite creative, challenging and fun. 

What do you look for in a good assistant?

Good communication, honesty, and loyalty.

“Through my photography, I am engaged with politics in a way where I feel like I can change the course of history as opposed to being a part of it.” -Anais Stupka

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