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Get to Know Model Lilianna Ruger

We asked our model Lilianna Ruger a few questions about her modeling career:

1. What inspired you to pursue modeling?

I was inspired to start modeling by looking at all of the unusual faces I saw modeling. Growing up I’d always been considered weird looking and once I decided to embrace that weirdness I gained a lot of confidence. Individuality is beautiful and now more than ever the industry is looking for unconventional beauty.

 2. What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a model? 

Advice that I would give to aspiring models is to know your worth which can be difficult in this industry. Make sure the jobs you are taking align with your personal brand. Also, be yourself, brands want to see the real you, they want to see authenticity.

3. What was your favorite project/experience working in the industry? 

My favorite project is a hard one to chose, I’ve had so many unique experiences and had the privilege to work with some truly amazing people. I’d have to say the first that comes to mind is working with my friends brand called STAFF this summer. A group of us went to the Hamptons for a night and shot the look book one day, then woke up at sunrise the next to shoot some more at the beach. The energy was amazing and every single person there was beyond talented and worked together so well. I also recently did a campaign for Milk Makeup, always love working with them. They always have such a talented group of people on set and the final pictures always look amazing

4. What are your goals as a model? 

 My goals as a model are to inspire people to create and ignore judgement. Success is even better when no one believed in you. I hope to show young girls that beauty can be so many different things, my biggest insecurities became my biggest assets. I plan to use what I’ve learned as a model to create my own magazine and creative direct in the future. I’m looking forward to booking more jobs and taking this as far as I can.

5. Who is your biggest inspiration in terms of modeling and why?

My biggest inspiration when it comes to modeling is Kate Moss because she changed the industry height standard. I’m on the shorter side and she definitely inspired me to pursue this career even though it’s much more difficult. Another inspiration is Jazzelle Zanaughtti because she has such a unique look and has made a very successful brand for herself. Other than that, everyone I surround myself inspires me, all of my friends are creatives and we push each other to be the best we can be.

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