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Get the Solar Power Look

Lorde recently released her latest album, Solar Power which consitis of 12 tracks that offer warm and happy vibes. To match the album, Lorde has been wearing outfits that match the aesthetic. Here are some staples to add in your closet to get the Solar Power Look.

1. Yellow

What other color can resemble the sun and gives off happiness as much as the color yellow. Adding yellow to your closet can bring openiness and attention while giving a youthful look.

2. Matching Sets

Lorde has been seen wearing simple matching sets that embrace simplicity while also making a statement. A flowly bottom and a puffy top perfectly matches the vibe for this album.

3. Silk

Silk is the perfect fabric for this aesthetic since its lightweight and soft. It gives any outfit a classy and sophisticated look that can never go wrong.

4. Floral Print

Last but definitely not least is the classic floral print. With this album being about nature, these prints perfectly embraces the beauty of the world and the clothing.