Fashion Inspo from the Gossip Girl Reboot

HBO’s Gossip Girl has made a comeback in 2021 with new storylines, drama, and looks. These characters did not come to play and their outfits prove that. Here are some must-have pieces inspired by the new series.

1. Leather Boots

In this iconic scene, we see Julien Calloway rocking these high leather boots with her school uniform. These boots are the ultimate staple piece and can elevate any outfit.

2. Tweed Set

Monet de Haan is serving with this black tweed set. This classic look remains trendy and offers a polished look perfect for many occasions.

3. Ties

This can be seen on nearly every character regardless of gender. The perfect accessory to give off a chic look to your outfit.

4. Sweater Vests

Audrey Hope is rocking an oversized button-up with a sweater vest. This piece makes the school uniform much more flattering and trendy.

5. Bold Colors

Ending on a bolder note, we have Zoya Lott wearing a long bright orange dress with sneakers. If we learned anything from Gossip Girl, it’s to be bold and stand out with your appearance.