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Fashion Has A New Face

Say goodbye to the traditional look as these show stoppers steal the spotlight. These models stand out beyond their looks as their overall positive message soars our confidence.

The famous Winnie Harlow, combats negative stigma around skin disorders as she stunts the pretty face of vitiligo. There is no suffering here, only pride. No matter your pigmentation, we got motivation.

By her side is Mirian Njoh, a model affected by albinism. While working on the “Ugly Duckling Diaries,” a social project by Tania Taiwo, Mirian shared this positive message, “And that’s what I’m learning, how powerful it is to be different. It can be your biggest strength. Before I saw it as a crutch, a hindrance. But now, I see my differences help me stand out.” You go, girl!

Mirian Njoh

But it doesn’t stop at the ladies. Feelin’ insecure about your freckles? Souffrant Ralph isn’t. An unforgettable face, glittered in freckles down his chest, reps them big time. This male NYC model rocks and embraces his diversity. Go all out or go home! 

Souffrant Ralph

Might as well be you when everyone else is already taken, right?