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Everything we know about this Years Met Gala

As you may already know, The Met Gala known previously as the Costume Institute Gala or Costume Institute’s Benefit Ball is an annual fundraising Gala held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art– The Met– which directly benefits its costume’s exhibit. The exclusive Gala marks the beginning of the museum’s Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. Usually this exhibit displays the costumes/garments of the celebrities worn during the gala as well as any of the Met’s handpicked featured designers.

Being that the gala requires an immense amount of preparation and causes an equal amount of anticipation it’s date has always been concrete: the first Monday of May.  However, many have been questioning if there’s going to be a Gala at all due to the recent global pandemic. But now, we have our answer.

So here’s everything we know:

1. The Date

Typically, The Gala always happens on the first Monday of May however, due to the recent global pandemic and safety concerns this year’s Gala will be held on September 13th as well as the first Monday of May in 2022 at its usual location. Why not the first Monday of September? This year’s first Monday of September, September 6th– is a national holiday known as Labor Day, so of course it cannot interfere.

2. The Theme

“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” is the dress code listed on the invitations for the 2021 Met Gala. This theme honors American Fashion as well as the serves as an ode to America for 75th anniversary of the Costume Exhibit. With the recent social and political events, a theme that highlights America’s diverse fashion feels especially meaningful, like it’s meant to bring us together and look past our differences.

3. Safety Precautions

The Institute has revealed that this year’s Gala will be more “intimate” compared to the past, likely due to the recent global pandemic. While The Institute itself has not said anything regarding the safety precautions that will be taken regarding covid, it is safe to assume that the gala will be held in September to give all attending ample time to get vaccinated. 

It is such a relief to know that the Met Galla will not be going anywhere, just making a few minor adjustments to its standard operations and coming back again in May of 2022. I cant think of a better way to bring us fashion loving Americans together other than the exclusive, dramatic, and lavish ball that is the Met Gala. An event where our favorites fundraise for fashion, enjoy themselves, and dress to the nines– and maybe this year the tens and beyond.