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Euphoria Inspired Makeup

Thanks to TikTok, “Euphoria” inspired makeup is one of the hottest trends to hop on right now. “Euphoria” is one of HBO’s most popular shows, mainly because of its use of flashy makeup and bold colors. TikTok artists have been creating looks based on the show’s use of bright colors and unique eyeshadow looks. 

Makeup artists have been drawing their inspiration from the characters of the show and using similar, if not the same, makeup palettes used on “Euphoria.” The makeup looks these artists have been creating have been trending on TikTok, and truly capture the futuristic vibe the show gives off. Through the use of intense eyeshadow colors and diamonds, these artists create makeup looks that reflect the show itself. 

Casting Coin’s TikTok (@castingcoin) has hopped on this trend as well, and created content featuring “Euphoria” inspired looks. Check out our TikTok below: