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Easy Poses for Pictures When You Do Not Know What to Do

Taking pictures can we awkward and intimidating when you don’t know how to pose. When it comes to pictures of yourself, there is a lot that plays a role in creating the desired picture or aesthetic you want, especially if it’s for social media. Location, pose, look, angles, lighting, and quality all play an important role. These are six easy poses you can do when you do not know what to do.

Arms over Head

This pose may be something you may not thought of because it isn’t a pose we typically do for photos. It can be a playful look or more of a sexy look depending on what you are going for.

Adjusting your pants

The “adjusting your pants” pose give you something to do with your arms. Usually you can look down making it look like you are actually doing the action.

Look back at it

This pose allows for a different angle. A tip would be to angle your body for a better shot when turning your head back. This is a great chance to capture your good side as well.

Fixing your hair

Pretending to fixing your hair or actually fixing your hair allows for a more natural shot. This will give your hands something to do when you don’t know where to place them and changes the picture up. This allows you to play around with your hair for a different look as well.

Leaning Against the Wall/Legs crossed

In this photo, two poses can be done separately. The first one is leaning against the wall. The second one you can do is crossing your legs over. This pose can be done when standing without anything to lean on. You can put your hands behind your body for a more playful look.

Leaning Forward

Leaning forward allows you to angel your body differently. It gives the photo a different look because it is not one of your typical normal pose. Tip is to not lean forward too much or it may look weird.