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Devon Lee Carlson x Marc Jacobs Collection

Devon Lee Carlson, model and fashion influencer, created the perfect Y2K collection that was released in early August, on her own birthday. The collection features many different types of pieces including a lace dress, a crop top, a giant tee, a cropped hoodie and even a leather shoulder bag with a chain, that can also be worn as a necklace. All of these pieces have a pop of color and different doodles on them–one of the pieces even features a picture of her dog! Devon has designed pieces with Jacobs in the past, so this collection had been in the works for awhile. Carlson stated that she created these pieces so that you could wear them in any setting–out on the town, or even just lounging around at home. Devon is featured in the campaign and is seen modeling all of the products on her instagram. These creative pieces have been seen all over the internet lately, especially on Tik Tok. Girls have been posting themselves trying on the collab pieces and the videos are going viral. My personal favorite is the black dress with the baby blue lace trim. The prices are also affordable and range from $80-$225.The Y2K trend has been taking over the fashion industry lately–just when you thought it was dead, it returns!