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Collab with us on TikTok!

Hey I’m Alina, Casting Coin’s newest talent booker. I’m in charge of building up our TikTok community! Starting this week, I’m spear heading an initiative that will showcase your talents to a broader audience on TikTok.

First, I want to tell you 3 reasons why you should market yourself on TikTok:

#1- Exposure to niche audiences-

TikTok gives creators a better chance to go to viral by using the fyp (for you page) feature. This creates a feed of niche interests (ex. fashion, makeup, photography) based off of what each user likes and comments on. This gives creators the opportunity to reach people they wouldn’t reach on other social media platforms.

#2- Telling your story- 

Compared to other social media accounts, TikTok gives creators the ability to tell their stories in a more personal way by using a video format. These TikTok’s can range from daily vlogs, fashion hauls, makeup tutorials and much more! The possibilities are endless!

#3- Easy Collaborations- 

It’s so easy to collaborate with people by following trends and using popular sounds on the app. Another great feature is the Duet feature, giving you the opportunity to create a video alongside another user’s video, resulting in reaching new people.


  1. We brainstorm a video idea of your choice, showcasing your talents using different TikTok trends.
  2. You record the video. 
  3. You can either send it to me for editing or edit it yourself (whichever you prefer).
  4. Video will be posted on Casting Coin’s TikTok tagging you. We will also be posting it on our Instagram reels!