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Clinique’s New MetaOptimist NFT Collection

Estee Lauder has released a new campaign called the “MetaOptimist” for Clinique which features three new NFT’s. As other beauty brands have jumped into the NFT game such as e.l.f in June but this is Estee Lauder’s first brand to join this new world. NFT’s are Non-Fungible Tokens which are one of a kind pieces of digital products such as art, photos, videos, etc. that can be bought or sold just like property. It has it’s own digital certificate of ownership that makes it so special.

One of the three NFTs

This idea of NFTs have been growing and many brands and companies have started to create there own. Clinique now has a collection of three NFTs that will belong to three different winners of their contest for this “MetaOptimist”. This contest unfortunately has ended November 2 but the winner will be rewarded one of the three NFT’s to be redeemed and kept. It’s something that is so new and exciting. As brands are slowly started to jump into the world we should be on the lookout for new exciting things like this in the future. Maybe you can win one from a brand or company!

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