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Casting Coin Glam Shoot Station @ The Capsule + Cabana Show NYC

Casting Coin is excited to be front and center at the Capsule + Cabana Show NYC at Pier 94 September 14-16th

GLAM SHOOT STATION includes a Makeup Artist’s table and Photographers seamless. Attendees can stop by and have their makeup done by a professional Casting Coin MUA. After, you can have a glam photo done a professional fashion photographer (see ya later lame LinkedIn profile photo!)

Beyond informative, our table is entertaining. Of the 100 top fashion brands and buyers in the world exploring the show, all are welcome to pitstop at our GLAM STATION.

Living in the moment and to its fullest, preview our artists’ talent in real-time.

Equipped with some of Casting Coin’s finest makeup artists and photographers, visitors can expect a touch-up in preparation for the perfect photo op. Pose for a top fashion photographer in our mini makeshift photo studio with our CC themed props and check your email for a retouched final product. Get a taste of how we run it up here at Casting Coin and remember, #picsoritdidnthappen.

Learn about our platform, feel flawless, and say cheese!

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