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For the Boyz

Cosmetic industries do their best to create products suitable for a vast array of skin types. Hundreds of thousands of skin care and makeup lines promise that no matter your shade nor complexion, the perfect product for you is out there. With the universe as its target market and only love to give, the makeup community has welcomed the gentleman waltzing through its open doors. Shout out to the brave ones ahead who’ve been too glam to give a damn! 

Joining the walk on the wild side…

Look upon the plethora of makeup looks done by amateurs or professionals for inspiration or get creative on your own. Your portrayal is entirely up to you—which is the beauty of the makeup world! There are no mistakes, just statements. Go all out like a diva or conceal an imperfection, ain’t no thang. For most people, makeup is an essential yet thoughtless process in their daily routine. As such, we can remark on the practicality of it. A simple tinted moisturizer to even out your tone, hydrate your skin, and pump up your SPF can only do good! If you’re a dude feelin’ insecure about your blemishes, why not take up a little coverage? Check out this lowkey look:

Nothin to see here, haters…just a dude with minimized pores and flawless complexion.

On the other hand, check out this stud–totally slaying the makeup game at just fifteen years old! This was his submission for our #recreatethegoddess challenge. Take notes, ladies and gentleman.


It’s time that the “makeup is exclusive” stereotype comes to an end. Casting Coin applauds those demonstrating their artistry via face palette and mascara wand. Take Jeffree Star for example, a male makeup influencer who has already released his own line of products. His style and attitude inspires viewers every single day.

We encourage newbies to hop on the bandwagon and enter the phenomenon of Lip Smackers flavored gloss cuz #ifyouknowyouknow