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Bold Makeup Trends of 2021

Makeup is a very expressive form of art that many love and create fun and creative looks with. While it’s something that many practices to create intricate and exciting looks, there are some current trends that you can do to have some fun with your look!

Colorful Eyeliner/Eye Shadow

As we’ve seen recently, the graphic eyeliner look has been trending all over. Used to created lines of color for that extra pop, colorful eyeliner or eye shadow can really add some fun to your look. It’s super simple as you can use some color in your inner corner, all over the eye, or just a simple winged eyeliner.

Eye Jewelry

Adding gems or pearls around your eyes has been something that has been popping up throughout this year. It’s something that is super quick and simple that can give dimension or that extra bling. Maybe try using different accessories such as studs or chains to create quick cool and edgy looks!

Red-Orange Lips

Bold red lips have always been a staple when talking about bold makeup. However, as the no-makeup makeup look has recently been a big trend, a more subtle but the pop of color has been trending with this red-orange lip color. Another lip trend included the more lip-stained look instead of the intense color on the lips. These simple but colorful touches can be bold to wear out and add to your look.

There are so many more beauty and makeup trends that are always popping up. Makeup is so fun and can add so much to your look! Here’s a link for some more trends you can look at:

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