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Blue Eyeliner is the New Black Eyeliner

Eyeliners in vivid and striking colors have been around for many seasons. Yet, one color that seems to dominate the rest has continuously been our beloved color blue. You may think that you need blue, green, or any lightly colored eye to wear blue eyeliner, but think again. Makeup artists have shown how the varying shades of blue on different eye colors are all able to create that unique, eye-catching look.

Massachusetts-based makeup artist, Arturo Draper, demonstrates how a deep, azure blue on the lower lash line can bring out the eyes. The model in the image shows how to make the eyeliner work with a light brown iris, not the typical blue or green eye accommodating blue eyeliner. The eyeliner is still able to contrast with the eye, bringing out the golden-colored flecks in the iris. Overall, this makes for a subtle, but still bright eye look.

Influencer and makeup artist, Markphong Tram, shows a more striking way to use blue eyeliner. Tram brings out the richness in the model’s deep brown eyes with a bright blue winged eyeliner look. The blue is still able to contrast with model’s dark colored-iris, creating an intense effect. No neutral-colored eyeliner could ever come close to beating this impressive look.

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Taking a quick trip down memory lane, we can see how Princess Diana and her signature blue eyeliner is still a trend to follow to this day. Princess Diana and her baby blue eyes pop instantly with the help of the blue on her lower lash line. There’s no one who can show it better than Princess Diana for how blue eyeliner can be classy and elegant.

What to look for in this upcoming year…

As blue eyeliner continues to stick around, here are some new trends within the blue family to try for 2022.

Opt out of the typical black and brown eyeliners for a navy blue. This slight alteration in your makeup routine is subtle enough to look natural, but will still boost your eye color

Baby blue
This shade of blue is a fun yet effective color to use when spicing up your eye look. Putting baby blue eyeliner on the lower lash line brightens up the eye without looking too crazy or vivid.

When you’re feeling tired of your typical makeup routine, swing by the store and a pick out a new blue eyeliner no matter the color of your eye.