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Artist Spotlight: Sweet Sydney Claire, the Photographer

Sydney Claire has worked with great people like Paper Magazine, Nylon, and The Met.

Photo by Biz Jamieson

Sydney Claire describes photography as a gift that never stops giving. From people to places, her profession grants access to interactions she wouldn’t have otherwise. The connection between Sydney and her subjects is why she stays in the game. 

“In the moment, I feel something super organic with the subject. I love the people, our conversations. Everything I encounter because of photography is what is most beautiful.” ~Sydney

“The Art of Letting Go” from The Photographic Journal

It all started when Sydney turned nine years old. She received a pink Barbie camera to start, then upgraded to a Digital 4 Megapixel camera at 10, which she still has to this day. Her primary goal is to obtain longevity in her work. Seems like she has so far, if you ask me. However, to Syd, success is measured through no ones eyes but her own. In the long run, she describes success as not only longevity but the take away—lessons, perspective, and the people she meets. The value isn’t monetary.

To reiterate her favorite Nipsey Hussle quote, “the best teacher in life is your own experience.” Furthermore, her forever reminder to assert patience and gratitude is tattooed around her bicep.

“I feel so lucky to have been able to photograph so many beautiful souls in my lifetime.”

When it comes to photoshoots, Sydney puts her best personality forward so her subjects forget the camera is even there. Arguably, the point of photography is to capture the sincerity of a raw moment. If she could time travel, she would rewind to the 80s fashion era. The dedication to the tedious process of film development is what captivates her appreciation. Nowadays, high quality cameras installed on our iPhones take away from what photography once was. Sydney works toward the preservation of true photography. When I asked Sydney for some advice, this is what she said:

“Break the rules. I break all the rules when I shoot…I like heavy contrast. Make work that captures your essence and artistic vision.” 

“Sisters”|From Sydney’s favorite collection she’s created thus far!

According to her, a picture worth taking is based on energy exchange, eye catchers, and thought provokers. These concepts are prevalent anywhere, always—so keep your eyes open for opportunities!  

“If two angels fell from heaven, this is what they’d look like”