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Artist Profile Checklist ✅

Artist whose profiles that are 100% complete are 86% more likely to get booked than those that do not. For example, if you do not add your stats you will not show up in search. So if you are a fashion photographer in NYC who specializes in e-commerce, when a brand searches “photographer” “NYC “e-commerce” you will not show up! Same with the portfolio images – a lot of artists have been connecting their Instagrams (which bring in your last 10 IGs or so) thinking that’s enough for a brand to make a decision – but if you don’t have portfolio images uploaded to your gallery – you know what’s come… you won’t show up in search!

Follow this handy checklist that outlines the most important information your Casting Coin profile should have.

Here’s a great example of a complete profile:

Banner: Giannina Antonette Oteto
Profile: Bea