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Ariana Grandes Latest Looks!

Ariana Grande, global pop sensation, and also newest judge on The Voice, has been killing the fashion game lately. Ariana has been showcasing vibrant yet unique outfits on every episode–she has been seen in a purple, scarf Gucci top, a beautiful light purple ensemble with fringed sleeves and a fringed skirt, and also a beaded black dress. Her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, doesn’t stop at the outfits, she adds the perfect accessories to finish off the look. The outfits have been paired with bandana scarves, satin gloves, and of course, the tallest heels! Ariana loves to be playful when it comes to her style and she has been making all the right fashion moves! She looks beautiful on every episode (I watch it just because of her). I can’t wait to see what the following weeks have in store–Mimi Cuttrell never dissapoints!