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AR Technology: What It Is and How It’s Transforming the Industry

One of the latest trends and technological advancements in the fashion industry is AR Technology. Short for Augmented Reality, this new technology has become one of the most effective brand marketing tools for online engagement.   

AR Technology offers an interactive digital experience between brands and consumers. Through this advanced technology, customers can have an in-store experience from the comfort of their own home, just by using their phones or computers. So far, the incorporation of this trend has seen positive reviews from consumers and companies alike.

Many home decor brands, such as and Target Home, have incorporated AR technology onto their websites and applications so customers can see what a product online would look like in their own home. By holding up and aiming their phone at space in their home, AR technology creates a digital, life-sized view of the product in the desired location. AR technology creates a simple and highly personalized shopping experience for customers. 

Big name fashion brands have jumped at the opportunity to use AR as a way to drive up their sales as well. Through their shopping app, Gucci uses AR technology that allows customers to virtually try on some of their products. For example, a customer looking to buy a watch could virtually try on the product by simply aiming their phone camera at their wrist. The customer can then swap out different styles, virtually mimicking an in store experience. This use of AR technology offers customers a better visual representation of the product or brand that they are shopping for, without the need of having to be in the store.

AR technology is an essential discovery tool that all brands should try to incorporate into their digital shopping space. Whether it’s used for virtual try-ons, or just to virtually browse a store, it is clear that AR technology is a revolutionary tool for brand and consumer interaction!