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AQUA ROSE- Photographer, Model, and Stylist

Aqua Rose is a model, photographer, and stylist based in Brooklyn, New York. She first got into photography because it was an outlet for her to focus on something she was truly passionate about. Throughout high school, Aqua suffered with depression and anxiety. Being able to focus on something she loved, such as photography, was what she needed to get out of such a dark phase in her life. Ever since then, she never looked back. 

Aqua Rose refers to her different career paths as “an instinctual need in order to release my creative expressions.” Each of her paths have their own unique way of letting her express her creativity. Aqua Rose likes to use photography to “bring to life worlds that are only usually experienced within my mind and bring them into a physical existence.” She looks to modeling as a means to express the many identities that she feels she has. Aqua feels that styling aids both her photography and modeling careers, as she is able to style models and create different characters of others.

Aqua remembers getting into social media as soon as iPhones were release. She rushed to get one just so she could download Instagram and use it as a new platform for her pictures. She has now evolved her social media platform and uses it as a means to meet other creatives and reach out to potential clients. Aqua finds her inspiration for her brand by the hardships she has faced in her life. With everything she has been through and overcome, Aqua feels that she can offer her wisdom to her following and ultimately inspire others around her.

Aqua’s two most recent photography shoots are ones that have resonated with her greatly. She feels a sense of honor to have been able to shoot her creative friends and is excited for more successful and inspirational shoots like this. The pictures from the photoshoots are included below.

“I’d like to be recognized for empowering women and the divine feminine that exists within all people, to embrace themselves for who they are and to be confident and step into their own power(s).”

Aqua Rose

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