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An Interview With Stylist Ana Tess

Meet Ana Tess, a New York based fashion stylist whom I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. You can spot her work in L’officiel Austria, Nylon, Off The Rails, The Impression Magazine and the list goes on. Ana has dressed up celebrities like Christine Evangelista, Mandy Moore, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt.

During our interview I was able to get her input on how she uses social media as a stylist to effectively market her work.

Here is a Q&A from our convo:

Q: As a fashion stylist what creative strategies do you use to advertise your work?

A: My Instagram page became very artistic, it’s my daily life, work, inspiration. I’m constantly thinking about this and searching for my own unique way. 

Q: With social media playing a big role in the industry, do you tailor your content differently on each platform?

A: I honestly using just Instagram and can’t tell about other platforms. I tried TikTok, but it’s very time consuming to create a following on different platforms.

Q: Have you ever thought of promoting your work on a platform like Instagram Reels?

A: Yes, I like Reels and I did a few videos there. It’s fun and more useful than TikTok for me. I love playing with short videos, creating a mini-story. 

Q: With Instagram being one of the most popular platforms, do you think it is important to incorporate reels as a form of showcasing your work?

A: Yes, I think it is an important part. Also, everything in the movement has a different perspective. It’s an effective sales tool. 

Q: As a stylist would you consider Instagram reels a growth tool for expanding your clientele?

A: Yes, for sure as clothing in the movement has a completely different meaning. I would love to collaborate with brands and create this fun Reels content. 

Q: Do you have any advice for other stylists on how to grow your social media presence?

A: Now you have to invest in your social media growing. It could happen organically but you would need to make it as your full-time job. Otherwise, explore the world of marketing and advertising. 

Below is some of Ana’s work but you can take a look at her full portfolio here and give us a shout to book her!