All Dolled Up w/ Avery

YouTube Show ?

I’m Avery, a talent booker here at Casting Coin. I am also hosting our new YouTube series “All Dolled Up w/Avery” and I’d love to feature you!


Our brand new YouTube series, All Dolled Up w/ Avery, is launching this month! The series will feature all of our amazingly talented makeup artists to showcase their makeup looks with all of our viewers and to get exposure on all platforms. 

You will demonstrate a step-by-step on how to execute a specific makeup look in under 5 minutes. Topics like: euphoria looks, how to get the perfect overdrawn lip, or the best contour tips for any face shape! Your video will be shared to all of Casting Coin social channels, and beyond!


  • You create the tutorial and send to us
  • Our show’s host, Avery, introduces you and the video
  • Video plays
  • Avery closes the video asking audiences to follow your social media channels and to feel free to ask you questions in the comments!