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All About Stylist Esmae Duran

Get to know one of Casting Coin’s stylists, Esmae Duran. Esmae Duran was born and raised in Newark, NJ and is 30 years old. Her work is based in NYC and she is one of the most passionate stylists out there!

Esmae first developed a love for styling when she started working retail and had to coordinate outfits. She then began shopping for her friends to help them pick their outfits out. It was after her first internship when Esmae knew she wanted to become a stylist. Esmae interned for “The Chew” at ABC studios, where she was in charge of getting clothes from Bloomingdales for the fashion segments. Her supervisor asked her at the end of her internship if she ever considered styling, which is what sparked her successful career path. 

“Styling is so gratifying to me because I love to make people feel beautiful. It may sound cliche but it rings true. The way I style is more than just putting cool outfits together. Wardrobe has such a huge part in telling a person’s story, so to be able to develop a character or persona is pure art.”

Esmae Duran

Esmae prides herself in being able to execute a certain theme for a shoot, while also being able to keep the essence of the person she is styling. She wants to be known for elevating everything that she works on. Esmae states that “I know what looks good on people and it doesn’t matter what sex, color, or shape. I will make that person look dope.” One of Esmae’s favorite project that she has done so far was one shot at Rockaway Beach. She described the project as “Romeo and Juliet vibes.” The pictures from this shoot are included down below!

Esmae has recently been putting more time and effort into her social media platforms to showcase her work and her portfolio. She has been able to book jobs and collaborations just from posting! Click here to view Esmae’s instagram.