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Street Shooting in Cannes

Not long ago, we were on a photo shoot in Cannes, South of France – Street shooting – it started raining so we grabbed a table by the beach. There were rows and rows of tables under canopies. There were 3 of us, Me, the photographer, and the stylist. We sat for hours in the pouring rain drinking cold rose, telling stories about our lives, some sad, some mischievous, all hopeful. At one point the rain collected so heavily on the canopy next to ours that it exploded and the people sitting under suddenly had gallons of water poured on their heads! It was a hysterical scene in every way. There were 7 or 8 of them. They were screaming and laughing and trying to salvage their belongings. And what struck me most about them was that in all that chaos and discomfort they seemed truly happy.

Photo by Spela Kasal