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5 Ways to get Paid

Here we’ve listed our favorite ways to get Paid:

  1. PayPal-
  • Pro’s – 
    • The mobile application is user friendly
    • It’s easy to set up an account
    • There are no fees when sending money 
    • It’s very secure
  • Con’s –
    • Paypal charges shoppers and business owners a fee 
    • Paypal can freeze your account

2. Venmo-

  • Pro’s –
    • Venmo works great on smartphones
    • Easy to split bills with friends and family
    • Payments are received immediately 
  • Con’s- 
    • You can only send money on the app
    • User’s are charged a 3% fee when using a credit card

3. Cashapp- 

  • Pro’s- 
    • Easy to connect your bank account 
    • Has a digital wallet feature 
    • You can sell and buy bitcoin on the app
  • Con’s- 
    • Chargers users a fee to send money from a credit card
    • Max transfer amount is 2,500

4. Zelle- 

  • Pro’s-
    • Many large banks offer elle (ex. Wells Fargo and Chase)
    • You can send money from both your laptop or phone
    • Has same day transfers
    • No fees for sending or receiving 
  • Con’s-
    • You can only send money through Zelle through one bank account

5. Google Pay-

  • Pro’s- 
    • No fees
    • Works well with other google products
    • Can be used from both a smartphone or computer
  • Con’s-
    • Not many people use it
    • Can take a long time to receive funds
Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Cash app, and Google Pay compared: Which is the best  money transfer service?