Instagram Stories

5 Instagram Story Hacks That Will Take Your Story To The Next Level

Hack #1 – Live photos into boomerangs

Who doesn’t love boomerangs?! You can turn your live photos into a boomerang. Your live photo needs to be taken within 24 hours of posting. Once you pick the photo, hold the screen for a few seconds and a boomerang option will appear!

Hack #2- Add color

Instagram only gives you a few color options for texts and drawings. A way to get more colors is hold down any color for a few seconds and a gradient of every color will come up.

Hack #3- Add glow to emojis

If you want to add some ✨spice✨ to your stories, add glowing emojis! All you have to do is open the text tool, select the neon font, and then type in the emoji of your choice!

Hack #4- Hide your hashtags/mentions

Sometimes hashtags or mentions on your story can ruin the aesthetic, which we don’t want. To hide them you have 2 options. One is to cover them with a GIF or a sticker. Another way is to turn them the color of your background and camouflage it. All you need to do is click the brush tool and click the color you want the words to match.

Hack #5- Create cool effects with the eraser tool

The eraser tool can do many things! For example, you can use the drawing tool to draw zig-zag around a person or an object. You can try a bunch of fun designs like this one! It gives your story that extra pizzazz that it’s missing.


PICTURED: Casting Coin Model Sean Chong-Umeda