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5 Fashion Tiktok influencers you need to follow

Fashion has become a very popular aspect of Tiktok with creators constantly making and participating in new viral trends. Whether you’re in need of DIY thrift flips, fun poses for Instagram photos or mini-vlogs, you can find them all in one place, TikTok. Fashiontok is filled with amazing content and people, but here are our top 5 influencers that you need to keep an eye on.

1. Katee Bartlett (@Kateebartlett)

Looking for styling tips, photo-editing hacks, or Amazon recommendations? Katee Bartlett has got you covered. She is a young influencer who offers a variety of fashion and lifestyle content on her account. Her most popular and requested topic is her “Day in the life as a fashion student” videos, where she shows small snippets of her day in New York City.

2. Nava Rose (@The.navarose)

Nava Rose has definitely made her impact in the fashion industry and TikTok world with her unique videos and designs. She takes ordinary thrift finds and completely transforms them into eye-catching outfits. She is also known for her collaborations, makeup looks, and challenges. Her videos are bold, trendy, and creative which is perfect if you’re in need of your next project idea.

3. Wisdom Kaye (@Wisdm8)

Wisdom Kaye is a model, photographer, and influencer who took Tiktok by storm. He is one of the biggest influencers on the app and is the trendsetter behind many fashion videos. He nails any fashion challenge that he takes on and has the perfect look for any occasion. His account is definitely the go-to for outfit and style inspiration.

4. Abby Silverman (@Abby.Silverman)

Abby Silverman is the digital creative director at Cosmopolitan who also likes to make Tiktok content. She mainly posts “Get ready with me” or small vlogs of her day in NYC. What makes her unique is her amazing tips and tricks for making it in the industry from her own experience. You can find videos such as “where to look for jobs in fashion” to “how to stand out in a job interview” on her account.

5. Caroline Vazzana (@Cvazzana)

If you’re looking for career insights or advice then look no further. Caroline Vazzana is an author, stylist, and fashion editor whose videos are fashion-forward and full of energy. On her account, you will find new style inspo, stunning photoshoots, and highlights of her unique career journey. Her videos are aesthetically pleasing, filled with bright colors and cute layouts that never fail to catch your eye.